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Everything that has ever come into existence came from the 
Creator who knew only perfection. 

Born in Ulm, Germany, his parents were secular Jews but he received a Catholic elementary education, followed by Jewish studies.  He learned to play the violin and at high school he began studies in mathematics and calculus.  Called a slow learner by his teachers, he dropped out of school.  He became a low-ranking technical expert in the Swiss patent office at Bern.

He married a Serbian student, Mileva Mari and they had two sons.  Despite their intellectual affinity, Einstein divorced her in 1919 and married his cousin Elsa four months later.

The Life of Einstein

In 1905, he published four ground-breaking articles: on Brownian motion; describing the electromagnetic radiation of light; laying out a Special Theory of Relativity; and on matter and energy equivalence.  In the same year, his thesis on molecular dimensions earned him a doctorate from the University of Zurich.

When measurements of the 1919 eclipse powerfully confirmed his findings, he achieved celebrity status.

The Compass

PETER When you were five, you were interested in a little compass.  Why was that an important moment in your life?
EINSTEIN To know there was nothing inside, but that magnetized needle, to be able to move it in any direction and have it always spring back to point north, gave me the sense of the energy of the planet.  It was the beginning of a fantastic journey.
PETER That was very abstract thinking for a child of five.
EINSTEIN I didn't think of it as abstract; I just thought of it as something living and breathing.  Some five-year-olds get brought to music and it flows within them.  I had had other incarnations as a scientist, so it was just a matter of tapping into some of my old memories but with new eyes.
PETER As a child you made models and mechanical devices, but were rather slow at lessons in school.
EINSTEIN They bored me.  I could not see the need to devote myself to elementary principles, if I already understood the complex issues of science that I knew I would pursue.

The Nature of Genius

PETER Where did your genius come from?
EINSTEIN I did not totally sever my connections with my past lives.  At school, I could take a glance at an entire year's studies and know in a minute whether or not there was anything there to interest me.  Today you call children like me "indigos" or "crystal".  A successful genius feels the love from within their soul.  When they are not accepted, they don't lapse into self-destructive behaviour.
PETER Does a genius have a continuing relationship with a power base on the other side?
EINSTEIN I maintained contact, primarily because it was my purpose to come down and be that spark that ignited new directions for the human race.
PETER Are there limits to one's ability to be a genius?  I'm thinking, for example, of Mozart's dying young.
EINSTEIN One goal he had was to enable a means of musical communication beyond what was common at the time, and his music does sing.  He also had Earth lessons, overcoming obstacles, such as his hearing.  He accomplished what he came to do within a very short period of time and chose to come back to do something else.


PETER How much was Mileva involved in the development of the articles you published in 1905?
EINSTEIN She was the practical.  She put down on paper what people could understand.  She worshiped me, so she chose to give me the glory,

Other Life in the Universe

PETER Is there is life out there similar to human life? If so, how may we most easily find it?
EINSTEIN There is life out there on other planets.  However, it is not identical to human life either in form or in function.  It is also not in the same linear time continuum as the planet Earth.   If you were to go to a planet that has energy beings on it, you would not be able to see the occupants, because they would be out of phase with interpretation through your eyes.  It is possible for some of the inhabitants of some of the planets to lower their vibration, so that they can be seen, if and when the occupants of planet Earth achieve the degree of sophistication to go and visit them.  The main fear of these other planets is the war-like nature of human beings.  The Earth is, in fact, being monitored by others to find a time when they feel it is "safe" to make contact.


PETER Can you explain the difference between the energy of matter and light on the physical plane, and the energy of the spiritual world?
EINSTEIN The physical is ruled by gravitational forces.  The spiritual is the energy of all that exists, that does not have to be physical.  Also the dimension of time changes within the two paradigms.  Energy within human control, is regulated by a linear time.  Within the spiritual plane, it is the intention of the energy to be in any place at any time.  If a spirit chooses to be made visible on the physical plane, it can order its energy into a recognizable form, so as to be perceived on the physical plane.

The Nature of the Divine

PETER Is the Divine pure intention?
EINSTEIN [Einstein consults with the Masters before answering.]  If you consider that all energy is divinity, all souls emanated from the Creator, whom we call "Divine Energy"; so within every particle of energy there is a reflection of divinity.  That reflection does what it does by the intention of the particular grouping of that energy or by the manifestation of the whole.  There is nothing but unconditional love and service in pure energy.

Toni comments: The soul, who lived as Albert Einstein, has an extremely high level of energy.  I felt as if I were levitating as we discussed his life.  He seemed to be much more than just a single energy, and was constantly shifting intensities as he offered his explanations.  When he was in his scientific persona, he was more serious - no nonsense.  When he spoke on spiritual issues his energy was lighter, more ethereal, with a pleasant feeling of contentment.

The whole experience was most intriguing because, although we were discussing matters of importance to the physical world, I never once felt any physical heaviness.  His perceived energy pattern was very like the patterns I absorb when channeling Angels and Masters.

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